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What is the difference between HE and regular detergent?
Can I use HE detergent in a regular (non-HE) washer?
Can I use regular (non-HE) laundry detergent in an HE washer?
Which Tide detergents can I use in my HE washer?

What is the difference between HE laundry detergent and regular? 

High Efficiency (HE) laundry detergent is designed specifically for HE washers, which use less water than regular washers. For that reason, HE detergent is formulated to perform well in low-water conditions by creating less suds and dispersing dirt and dyes quickly.  

Our HE laundry detergents use Tide’s Smart Suds™ technology so that suds collapse instantly and rinse away quickly, helping you save time, water and energy by preventing HE washers from running additional rinse cycles. Tide HE detergents also have special dirt capturing ingredients to help suspend dirt and dyes in the water, which helps keep them from re-depositing on your clean laundry. 

Check out this video to see our HE detergent in action! 

Tide | HE Turbo Clean: Collapsing Suds 


Can I use HE detergent in a regular (non-HE) washer? 

Yes, you can use HE laundry detergent in a regular washing machine. You might notice fewer suds, but your clothes will still come out fresh and clean! 


Can I use regular (non-HE) detergent in an HE washer? 

No, you should not use regular detergents in a high-efficiency washer as you might experience problems. HE machines need low sudsing detergents and if a regular detergent is used all those suds might not rinse completely from your clothes and washer. If you try to compensate by using less detergent to lower the suds level, your clothes may not come out as clean as they should. The excess suds could also trigger more rinse cycles that could add up to 25 minutes to your cycle, while wasting up to 10 gallons of water.  

So, always make sure you use HE detergents if you have a high-efficiency washer. 


Which Tide detergents can I use in my HE washer? 

We make a wide range of Tide HE laundry detergents that you can use in your HE machine, which can be identified by the HE symbol on the front of the pack. Look out for the symbol in the following places: 

  • Pods - on the front of the pack (all Pods are suitable for HE and regular washing machines.) 

  • Powder – on the front of the pack  

  • ​Liquids – on the neck of the bottle ​

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