How to print P&G Everyday coupons?
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How to print P&G Everyday coupons?
To print coupons, please follow these steps:
  1. Log in to the website.
  2. Go to the Printable Coupons page. To get there, click the "Coupons" tab at the top of the page then click "Printable Coupons." 
  3. Add coupons to your basket by clicking "+ Add to Basket".
  4. Once your coupons are in your basket, click the blue & white basket icon towards the bottom right of the screen. The number inside the basket is the number of coupons which have been added.
  5. Your basket will open in the right pane. Click the pink "Print Coupons" button.
  6. The page may ask you to type in your last name.  
  7. The next page says, "Be careful, you can only print these coupons once! After that, they'll be removed from your basket and available offers." If ready to print, click the pink "Print Coupons" button.
  8. If you've never printed from our website before, or you haven't visited for a while, you'll be prompted to verify your device. Enter your mobile phone number in the field, including area code. Then click the green “Send” button. 
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If you would prefer to verify by phone/landline instead of text message, go to:
7. We will send a 6-digit verification code to your mobile phone via SMS that you need to submit to verify your device. After entering the verification code, click the green, 'Verify & Print' button.
8. Once you're on the "Ready to print?" page, make sure your device is connected and your printer is turned on. Click "Print". You may need to wait a few seconds for a "Now printing..." message to appear.
For more information about printing coupons visit
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